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Shoshone Indians
Shoshone Indians
Shoshone Indians

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"Surprise Reunion"
by Del Iron Cloud


August 17th, 1805

Sacagawea and her husband, Charbonneau, are interpreting for Lewis and Clark with the Shoshone Indians. Years earlier Sacagawea, a Shoshone, had been captured by the Hidatsa Indians and taken east to the Mandan villages. Charbonneau, a French Trapper had won Sacagawea from the Hidatsas.

Lewis and Clark had met Charbonneau and Sacagawea the previous winter at Fort Mandan. Realizing that Sacagawea would be invaluable in dealing with the Shoshones - for without Shoshone horses the Corps of Discovery would be doomed - Lewis and Clark hired Charbonneau knowing that Sacagawea would 'come along'.

Crucial negotiations had just begun for the horses when one of the greatest coincidences in American history occurred. Sacagawea recognizes that the Shoshone Chief, Cameahwait, as her brother! She immediately jumps up and gives him her blanket. Through many tears of happiness negotiations proceed and the horses are obtained and the Corps of Discovery continues through the Rockey Mountains on its way to the Pacific Ocean.

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"Surprise Reunion" by Del Iron Cloud

Signed & titled $125

Artist proofs $175

image size is 18" x 24" with ample margins

These are Limited Edition Fine Art Print from the original oil painting, quality 80# acid-free, neutral-Ph cover paper

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