Durham Ranch
Wright, WY



The Durham Ranch is located in Wright, Wyoming. This is the northeast section of Wyoming and is rated one of the best ranches in the United States for its quality and standards of raising buffalo.

Owned and operated since the mid-1960's by the Flocchini family, the 65,000 acres which comprise Durham Ranch has sustained bison since the early 1960’s. The original bison at the Durham ranch came directly from Yellowstone National Park, making this herd very unique indeed. Durham Ranch presently has about 2,500 purebred American Bison with 1,200 breeder cows. The cows average 1,050 pounds and show an annual calf crop of 90 to 95 percent. The bulls weigh around 1,800 to more than 2,000 pounds at 5 to 6 years of age. The calves are born in April and May, weighing about sixty pounds.

They are normally weaned in November. Cows are also checked for pregnancy in November. The excess animals not needed to maintain the breeding herd are used for meat. Durham Ranch bison meat is sold to restaurants and supermarkets all over the U.S., but mainly in the western states, as well as in several foreign countries.

For information regarding wholesale meat sales and distribution of Durham Ranch buffalo,
please contact Sierra Meat Company at 1-800-444-5687 or email at Sierra Meat Company.
Many of the bi-products, such as the hides and skulls, are used as well.

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  This is the lobby with its hickory chairs and fireplace.

This is is the east end of the hotel and restaurant.

Lobby with a dray wagon (circa 1905) above the front doors.